Helicopter Training Videos! This is a list of our Helicopter Training 3’s! We have had great feedback from this series of videos. So we gathered all the links and placed them here for you to consume!


Helicopter Training iPad iPhone Android Tablet

Helicopter Training iPad iPhone Android Tablet

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Many people have commented on using The Helicopter 3’s for check-ride preparation! They are all here. Just click on the links below and see what you think! Please feel free to leave feedback and share!

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Three Stages Of A Thunderstorm

Three Things Needed For Dynamic Rollover

Three Things At The Onset Of Retreating Blade Stall

Three Types Of Icing

Three Weather Advisories

Three Winds For LTE

Three Things Combined For Settling With Power

Three Common Ways Helicopter Pilots Get Into Settling With Power

Three Forms Of Stored Energy

Three Elelments Of Rotor Blade Coning

Three Types Of Night

Three Types Of Rotor Blade Systems

Three Squawk Codes

Three Required Pilot Documents

Three Types Of Weather Briefings

Three Things On Flight Review

Three Things On Weather Turn Around

Three Things A B C Scale On The E6B

Three More Things On LTE

Three Key Terms For Low G Recovery

Three Airspeeds You Need To Know

Three Things For A Normal Take Off

Three Things To Start A Decent

Three Important Things For Student Pilots

Three Steps Lift To Hover

Three Things You Must Enter In Pilot Logbook

Three Things In Reference To Rotor Blades

Three Most Important Words Regarding Learning To Fly A Helicopter

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Feedback from our two latest customers after their Helicopter Check-Rides!

May 6 2013

“The training was incredible! I watched all the modules twice. I passed my knowledge exam with a 97 and breezed through my check ride. My DPE said I was extremely prepared. I would recommend Fort Wayne to anybody!”

May 3 2013

“Kenny Keller, however, is not only helicopter-specific, but has online videos and training and he’s got a lot of experience. He can relate! He’s gone through the struggles so he knows that you might be ready to puke at the thought of sitting on a hot seat getting a grilling from an examiner. I listened to Kenny’s audio cd’s over and over. But – now listen carefully, this was the topper– Kenny actually spent four hours on the phone with me the evening before my check-ride! Four hours!

Do you know anyone, anywhere, that is so passionate about something that they would do that? He grilled me using his famous “notebook” (his personal notes from his own helicopter training) and that was one of the main reasons I aced the oral part of my exam. Thanks Captain Kenny! You are awesome!” Dave W.

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