Enstrom 480 Private Owner Instruction

Enstrom 480 Private Owner Instruction
Enstrom 480 Private Owner Instruction

Enstrom 480 Private Owner Instruction

Our newest Online Ground School Member is looking at a Enstrom 480 Turbine as his first helicopter! He wanted our opinion! The Enstrom 480 is a great aircraft with awesome visibility and incredible tail rotor authority! We do provide instruction on a individual basis for private owners! Have CFI will travel!

Enstrom 480 Private Owner Instruction

This is a big one! Worthy of a blog post! This customer I mentioned lives overseas and the R-66 is not yet certified in his country so that one is out for now, And I wait for a chance to fly the R-66, haven’t had the privilege as of yet. I told the customer my personal favorite is the Bell 206 B3, that’s just what I like, Jet Ranger fits me like a glove . This customer has Enstrom service at his home airport, but not Bell. So choice for him the 480 is a great fit. For the length of his flights and passengers he wants to carry as well. As far as rotor systems, anybody that has flown a Enstrom understands the smoothness of flight, and the supreme autorotation characteristics. I say that even though I was in a Enstrom 480 that exploded and spit me out on the ramp when Enstrom Helicopter tried an elastomeric damper! I still went back to flying them and purchasing one as well! My opinion, they are all great aircraft! Maintenance availability is huge for a private owner! So type of helicopter, well, it depends on your application and needs!

Enstrom 480 Private Owner Instruction

Follower comments from Facebook:

Robinson R66 is way better!

What makes the R66 better in your perspective?

The RR300 is a fantastic engine. The R66 has great payload, and full fuel, full pax in a hot climate can climb 800 feet per minute out of a confined area.
Massive baggage compartment, great air conditioning, visibility, and comfortable at a cruise speed of 115kts at 70% tq.
RHC makes about 5 R66 helicopters a week now, and spares and tech support is 1st class.

Thanks for sharing your perspective – let me ask you – what is your perspective on the rotorheads/rotors on the two helicopters – in comparison?

nah, Id take a 206 over a 66 anyday

We have had 5 R66 so far, and still own 3 (2 sold) we have almost 400 hours on our first 1 SN0088 registration 9M-FLY and I have over 3000 hours in Robinson helicopters. I have no issues with the 2 bladed rotor system. 
– not sure why you would want a 206 over an R66… Unless you like cruising at 90kts and don’t need a big payload. The Jetranger was a great helicopter, but let’s face it, it’s old news… Now a H500D or E model, well that’s another story, they are fun!

Higher airspeed is nice for Xc and charter, but tours and utility ops you may never go that fast. Their payloads are close depending on the 206 you fly, and it handles quite a bit smoother in wind. The r66 is cool certainly but I don’t think the 206 hasn’t outlived its usefulness just yet

The R66 was not certified in Malaysia when I bought my first one, SN 0068. I did all of the certification with the DCA Malaysia. 
What Country is he in? 
I would for sure suggest a Bell over an Enstrom any day, but I just happen to not like the Enstrom, mainly for the fact that I find it a awful ugly helicopter…. But that’s just my opinion, and I have friends that drive a Smart car as well…. I would never! So that’s just my 2 cents.



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