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Wanted to let you know that I passed my private check-ride today. During the oral portion the examiner said, “man, you really studied for this.” I have to say that Helicopter Online Ground School provided me with the tree branches, so to speak, on which to hang a lot of my other learning, so I feel it was totally instrumental in helping me achieve my goal. Thank you, and keep doing what you’re doing! 
Eric in TN



Hello. My name is Jason and I’m coming to you from high atop the city in Atlanta, Georgia. I just wanted to talk to you today about Helicopter Online Ground School. I got the course about two months ago and I started working my way through it. And then, of course, the last week before the Check-Ride I kind of was freaking out and, so, I did a lot of cramming with it. And I was really concerned about the oral part of my Check-Ride. I felt like I could do the maneuvers and things, but was really concerned about the oral. Kenny was great. I was able to text him a lot. He was able to answer my questions. I could call him. You could go on Skype. He actually worked through some problems with me for a couple of hours one day on Skype.

The course is very comprehensive. It goes over everything you’re going to need to know. In fact, it helped me quite a bit with my written. And on my oral, I passed it with flying colors. In fact, I was in the oral with a guy who — he was going for his commercial and I felt like I could answer probably 95% of the questions that he was being asked. So, it’s going to completely prepare you to get your private pilot’s license. So, I highly recommend it. And I’m real excited because I just got mine yesterday. Here it is right here, my Temporary Airman’s Certificate. And, so, I hope to see you on the inside of the member’s area and I hope to see you in the skies.






Helicopter Online Ground School 24 Hour Test Drive

Helicopter Online Ground School 24 Hour Test Drive

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Kenny's New Book Amazon No. 1 Best Seller in Education Testing

Kenny’s New Book Amazon No. 1 Best Seller in Education Testing

What Client’s Say

"I got the MP3 CD’s you sent and have been listening to them on my way to helicopter training. I KNOW that this whole ground school package will be constantly improving and growing just as it already has. You’ve been a non-stop dynamo on this project. There are plenty of good pilots around, but there is NOTONE on planet Earth that is as passionate about creating a place for future heli-wannabe’s than you. Keep at it – you’ve already achieved success, but this early stuff will seem like a “Model T” as you work toward building a “HUM VEE”.  My instructor has shared many of his stories, and it turns out that he was such a failure at learning to fly a heli that he actually thought he wouldn’t be able to do it. Now he’s a 1000+ hour guy and I call him the Helicopter Whisperer. That to say sharing your failures like you do and knowing that you can persevere through them is very encouraging to me.  Keep those rotors turning!"
David Wilkoski, Centerbug Ohio
Congratulations Captain Keller on the R-22 POH project!... I have been studying the first three modules of the Online Ground School and they have VERY, VERY GOOD information for the Checkride! Regards!"
Parmenides Castillo, Mexico City
Kenny,  I like the items you have done and the material is great. Dvd's along with the mp3 audio will fill a big void in helicopter training. I will give you feedback on the dvd's! "
Bill D. Illinois
Good afternoon Kenny, Great learning tool, an after thirty years flying, ground school is difficult to get to, so I wanted you to know they are huge help, getting ready for my add-on check ride!"
Joseph C.
Hi kenny! The only problem I have had is they will not work in my dvd player but that's because my dvd player is a dinosaur, i use my computer its no problem for me. Also on module 1&2 about an 1hour 10 mins in the audio gets way ahead of video. Never the less they are very good, learning a lot, and i'm pleased with them money well spent."
Nick Halcomb, Connersville Indiana
DvD's work perfect. Watching them everyday while I'm going through this commercial prepware stuff. I like the way you explain things......... Thank's"
Heath Cooper, Houma LA.
Hi Kenny, Thanks for the info. Online is fine. I have wanted to fly for a very long time and have looked up lots of schools and different books and youtube clips. I really appreciate your site, it's exactly what I have been looking for. It still may be a while before I go to school, but your site is perfect for getting me started!"
Lloyd Formosa, Kuwait
Hello Captain Keller! Yes it was fine, thank you!,...I scored 96 on the ATH Knowledge Test, and it is ok, you can use any comment! Captain, let me recognize you as a very professional person on all the things you are making on the Ground School Online and with all your commitment to the rotary wing! My name is Parmenides Castillo my present job is almost on an offshore helicopter company in Mexico, but, I will confirm on January, and my past job was in the Mexican navy, and my current Location is in Mexico City. Regards!"
Parmenides Castillo, Mexico City
Hello Kenny, Thanks So much for making a place for people like me so we can go and get more info outside the class room. I just joined yesterday so I have not been able to go through all the information yet and can’t wait for the DVD’s to come in. So far I have made it though module 4 today and there is more information in there than what I can remember in one day I love the fact that we can take all this with us and have access it anywhere, This is probably the best thing for me because I have to travel over two and a half hours to be able to fly and do ground school so this well allow me to work on the ground school myself so I well be able to maximize my time when I get to go to Fly. Thanks for all the work you have done Keep It coming we can use anything that you can help us with. Thanks from Tennessee, Brian "
Brian, Tenesse